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4 Largest Counter Depth French door refrigerator

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To assist large households in finding the best solution for their needs, we have listed some of the largest counter depth French door refrigerator models currently on the market. Visit our refrigerator buying guide for more details on selecting a new refrigerator. To help you learn more about these new models, our reviews include features, prices, and links to consumer reviews! Our assessments have been updated for 2023 to concentrate on the largest counter depth French door refrigerator with favorable customer feedback. Let’s follow us to find out the largest counter depth French door refrigerator in this post!

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Largest counter depth French door refrigerator


This 22.7 cubic foot Energy Star-rated French door refrigerator from LG is the first item on our list of largest counter depth French door refrigerator models. It’s definitely worth looking into since LG won the JD Power Award for French door refrigerators with the highest customer satisfaction! Starting at $2,499, the LG LMWC23626S is available in fingerprint-resistant PrintProof stainless steel.


The multiple freezer drawers on this particular model are what set it apart. The single pull-out freezer drawer used in the majority of French door types typically has two levels, making it challenging to access everything and maintain organization. Instead, this LG model provides two freezer drawers for convenience. In the upper freezer, there is an ice maker. This refrigerator has a modern design thanks to an internal filtered water dispenser in the fresh food compartment.

To combat excessive humidity and temperature variations, LG’s Smart Cooling technology makes the most of the linear compressor and twin evaporators. In order to ensure that the fresh food sector receives cool air from all directions, there is additional Door Cooling+. All areas of the refrigerator are kept as cold as they should be thanks to temperature sensors and well-placed vents.

You can relax and enjoy your enormous new counter-depth refrigerator with confidence thanks to a ten-year parts warranty on the linear compressor, a five-year comprehensive warranty on the sealed system, and a one-year parts and labor warranty on the entire unit.

Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF

The Frigidaire Gallery GRFG2353AF, another French door model, is the next item on our list of the largest counter depth French door refrigerator models. It costs $2,999 and is available in stainless steel. The versatility features of this typical three-door French-door refrigerator are plentiful!

When compared to conventional crispers with slider controls, modern crispers automatically balance the humidity, keeping produce fresher for longer. A large door bin storage and an adjustable temperature drawer with three temperature settings are both included in the fresh food section, where extra food items can be stored without taking up shelf space that could be used for other things. To keep almost anything, simply adjust the temperature of the food in the drawer as needed.

In-door condiment storage, a slide-under shelf system, and an accessory railing system are all included in the SpaceWise organizing system, which helps you make the most of the available storage space. Additionally, the fridge and freezer parts of the EvenTemp cooling system execute cooling more evenly and consistently. You also receive an inbuilt dispenser for purified water!

This refrigerator stands out since it has so many useful functions. Consider this Frigidaire Gallery model if you’re searching for a counter-depth model with a lot of storage space and amazing amenities.



The Beko BFTF2716SSIM offers a sleek design and reliable performance in a small package. This top freezer includes simply an internal ice maker, some lovely spill-capture glass shelves, and an intriguing crisper technology that might help your leafy greens last longer.

Beyond that, this is a straightforward refrigerator with remarkably consistent temps. The freezer will need to be calibrated before use, but given what this refrigerator offers for the price, that’s a tiny price to pay for such consistent cooling.

Even when compared to other counter-depth refrigerators, this fridge is on the smaller side, making it a fantastic purchase for smaller homes. Of course, the reduced footprint comes with less storage space. For somebody living alone or possibly with one other person, we’d suggest this one.


The commercial-inspired style and distinctive colors of the GE Cafe range are perfect for your kitchen. The GE Cafe CXE22DP2PS1, which has earned an Energy Star rating, is one of this line’s biggest counter-depth refrigerator options. It costs $4,799 for matte black and matte white, $4,899 for platinum glass, and $4,599 for stainless steel.

To maintain a balanced moisture level, TwinChill evaporators target the freezer and refrigerator compartments separately. While you’re completing other duties, the Hands-Free Autofill feature helps administer the proper amount of filtered water, avoiding spills. Additionally, the dispenser may deliver cooled water, ice cubes, and crushed ice. The Convertible Drawer with Soft Freeze, which has five temperature settings (Soft Freeze, Meat, Beverage, Snacks, and Wine) with a temperature range of 23 to 42 degrees, is another noteworthy feature.

What To Look For In A Counter-Depth Refrigerator?


Squeezing an appliance’s electronics into ever-tinier places is a common consequence of making it smaller than usual. Counter-depth refrigerators frequently cost more than standard-depth refrigerators because of this. Although higher-end models are undoubtedly more expensive than full-sized refrigerators, you may still buy basic, inexpensive counter-depth refrigerators that operate well.

Largest Counter Depth French door refrigerator
Largest Counter Depth French door refrigerator


You should check that your fridge has enough space before installing them, even though they look great and are perfect for smaller kitchens or seamless aesthetics. You normally lose 6 inches of depth, so you might want to look for a refrigerator that makes better use of its interior space in other ways. For one or two persons, a counter-depth refrigerator should work just fine. A full-size unit can be the best option if your home is larger.


There are many counter-depth refrigerator types with lots of features. However, adding features reduces storage capacity and raises costs. Consider a full-size refrigerator if you require all the extras and freezer and refrigerator room possible.

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