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5 Best Top Freezer Small Refrigerators

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Currently, on the market, there are many models of refrigerators for you to choose from, moreover, the features also become richer and more modern. So consumers have many options for their kitchen space. Which is the best top freezer small refrigerator? Don’t worry, Fridge blog will present you with the 5 best top freezer compact refrigerators so you can easily choose one according to your taste but to a high standard. Let’s take a look with us!

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Top Freezer Small Refrigerators – Which is the best for you?

1. Whirlpool WRT518SZFM 18 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Sale: $729.00

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There are several exterior finishes available, including stainless steel that is fingerprint-resistant for simpler cleaning. Each shelf on this Whirlpool refrigerator has more storage thanks to wall-mounted frameless glass shelves that provide more space. You may select the appropriate temperature for any food you’re storing using the practical front electronic temperature control.

This top freezer small refrigerator measures 28 inches wide and 32 inches deep. Its inner volume is 17.6 cubic feet, of which less than 14 cubic feet are in the refrigerator portion, and roughly 4 cubic feet are in the freezer capacity. This is the typical size for a full-sized, top-freezer refrigerator, while there are certain models that slightly exceed these measurements.

A benefit for individuals who value being able to rapidly see everything inside is the bright, clear LED system. Additionally, it maintains the temperature of frozen foods by having controls that let you change the freezer’s temperature. For quick access to ice, an optional EZ Connect Ice Maker may be installed in within 5 minutes.

2. LG Electronics LTNC11131V 11.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Price: $629.00

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This best top freezer refrigerator is perfect for you if you want a simple yet modern fridge. LoDecibel™ Quiet operation, one of its many cutting-edge features and technology, ensures a quiet refrigerator for your home. To aid with troubleshooting, the SmartDiagnosis™ feature really communicates data to LG’s support center over the phone.

With the addition of Door Cooling+, LG has advanced cleaning one step further by maintaining the highest level of freshness for door contents by continuously supplying cool air. Ovens with humidity controls are made to help preserve the freshness of your produce. Use the door alarm function to keep from opening it.

This compact refrigerator doesn’t take up much storage space and has 11.1 cubic feet of interior space while measuring only 26 inches deep and 24 inches wide. 8.49 cubic feet and 2.62 cubic feet, respectively, are devoted to the refrigerator and freezer. Despite being compact, it is well organized and practical. Your specific storage demands can be met by adjusting the glass shelves.

3. Frigidaire FFHT1425VW 13.9 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Price: $929.00

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This awesome top freezer fridge isn’t the widest top freezer refrigerator, but it’s bigger than the compact models you’ll often find in the budget category. It has an interior volume of over 14 cubic feet, of which 10 cubic feet are used for refrigeration and 4 cubic feet are reserved for the freezer. This top freezer model is a fantastic pick and is Energy Star certified.

To accommodate food of all sizes and shapes, the Frigidaire FFHT1425VW has fully-width adjustable shelves with changeable locations. You have another conveniently positioned storage option with a half-width Deli drawer slide, allowing you to readily access things like cold cuts and cheeses.

With bright LED interior lighting, you can locate food in your refrigerator more quickly. Additionally, the airflow is regulated with the EvenTemp cooling system to maintain a constant temperature in your compact refrigerator. Additionally, this refrigerator stands out for having a humidity-controlled Crisper drawers, which helps keep food fresher for longer. Therefore, by using our humidity-controlled drying drawers, you waste less and spend less money.

4. Samsung RT18M6215SG 18 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Price: $1,149.00

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With its FlexZone refrigerator compartment, the Samsung RT18M6215SG can change its temperature from the refrigerator to the freezer, and its Twin Cooling Plus technology keeps food fresher for longer. In addition, the automatic ice maker makes up to 3.7 pounds of ice every day, and because of its small size, it takes up less room in the new fridge.

This best top freezer refrigerator has a sleek, black fingerprint resistant stainless steel exterior and the right temperature for food storage. It has a freezer that can be set to a typical freezer temperature or transformed into a second refrigeration zone with just a few button presses. The Samsung RT18M6215SG is a better-than-average bargain in terms of adaptability and nice appearance.

This fantastic refrigerator’s anti-fingerprint surface lessens smudges for a wonderful everyday appearance. The reversible door also creates a streamlined, customized design that can be tailored to your needs. You can keep cold meats and other goods separate from the sections below in the refrigerator’s top drawer. To make it simpler to store taller goods, the movable shelf slides in and out to change the height.

5. GE GTS22KSNRSS 21.9 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Price: $665.60

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Among the top best freezer refrigerators, the GE GTS22KSNRSS is also of interest to many quality-conscious users. Modular bins installed directly on the door will provide you with greater flexibility and organizational alternatives. Edge-to-edge glass shelves that span the entire width of the refrigerator give it a sleek, clean aspect.

It is one of the roomiest and most considerate refrigerators on the market, with plenty of storage capacity for both fresh and frozen meals. One of the nicest aspects of this cost-effective refrigerator is the extra-large freezer section. This type expands the freezer compartment to an astonishing 6.68 cubic feet when these compact refrigerators only have a capacity of 4 to 5 cubic feet. If you want ice whenever you need it, you may easily install an optional ice maker.

Furthermore, this top freezer refrigerator features adjustable glass shelves, providing flexibility to organize your frozen food items. Controls that are simple to use allow you to manage both the fresh food and freezer sections. Find all your favorite dishes in the light of day with LED lights.

If you need a compact refrigerator that can fit into your kitchen space, you can consider the small Whirlpool refrigerators.


Above are the 5 best top freezer fridges that we have reviewed based on the claims of reputable manufacturers and previous consumer feedback. We hope they will help you in choosing a high-end refrigerator at an affordable price. Please note that you should buy products from reputable suppliers in the market. The prices we put under each item may vary from time to time and by manufacturer, you should not depend on them.

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