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Different Types of Mini Fridges by Size and Installation Type

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Mini refrigerators have a compact design that takes up little space and is easy to move when needed, and the price is reasonable, so it is used by many students, office workers, single people, etc. Mini refrigerators offer many benefits and conveniences, but they also have some limitations that any user should be aware of. In addition, you can also learn about different types of mini fridges and ways to use them according to your preferences. All will be in this Fridge blog. Scroll down to follow!

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Different types of mini fridges by size

There are a few things to consider in order to select the proper mini fridge size. You must take into account the volume you intend to store there, the installation style, and the location of the small fridge. You may choose the size that works best for your room with the aid of these factors.

Make sure to take accurate measurements and provide a 14 inch space behind and on either side of the refrigerator if you decide to go with an under-counter mini fridge. Despite the stand-alone mini fridge not being completely sealed, it is still crucial to assess your available space to ensure that it will fit. Any installation should take into account the amount of room required to completely open the door.

Different types of mini fridges by size

Mini (Smaller Than 15″): Choose the micro if you want a mini fridge that is small enough for one person. This refrigerator is ideal for home usage because it is tiny and portable. Keep a few of your preferred beverages and snacks on hand for your business lunch break. Utilize the temperature control of a small fridge by installing one in your bathroom or bedroom to preserve skin care and cosmetics at a cool temperature.

Small (15″ – 30″): Although it is large enough to function as an independent refrigerator, this tiny fridge is yet small enough to fit on a tabletop. In spite of its small size, the fridge has enough space to store a few cases of your preferred beverages or any snacks you might require in your workplace or bedroom. Their function is the same but you will have a slightly larger capacity for larger amounts of food or cosmetics.

Medium (31″ – 40″): For storing leftovers and beverages for a few days at a time, a medium-sized mini fridge works wonderfully. Small offices or flats frequently have mid-sized mini-fridges. Leftover cans of water or if you want to cool a few jars of yogurt, you can put it all in this medium-sized mini fridge.

Large (41″ & Larger): The kitchen of a family of roughly 2-3 persons would benefit greatly from the inclusion of a sizable mini fridge. Store wine bottles for the adults or make drinks and snacks for the children. In a small apartment or business where a full-sized fridge won’t fit, a spacious mini-fridge is a fantastic alternative.

Different types of mini fridges by installation type

Freestanding: The corner office, game room, studio apartment, or even dorm room would benefit greatly from the installation of a stand-alone mini fridge because it can stand on its own. If you enjoy entertainment, they are a terrific option because they can be relocated to a different part of the house where you might require extra storage.


Countertop: Modest and compact in design, countertop mini fridges are able to fit on the counter without taking up too much room because of their small size. They can be positioned anywhere with a stable surface, such as a desk or bookcase.


Built-In or Undercounter: Built-in mini-fridges, also known as built-in mini-fridges, sit flush with your cabinets and worktops and give the impression that they were custom-made for your area. This is a fantastic alternative for individuals who wish to separate and keep alcoholic beverages refrigerated because it is most frequently used in the kitchen.

Built-In or Undercounter
Built-In or Undercounter

Use mini fridge in many ways

Snacks: By including a mini fridge and freezer in your bedroom, you can minimize the number of late-night treks to the kitchen. You will have everything you need for a late-night snack, whether you want to stock up on extra water bottles or indulge in a few chocolate bars. Add a few extra breakfast items so you can dash out the door in case you pass out and don’t have time to stop in the kitchen.

Makeup & skin care products: The heat and steam from a hot shower may be exposed to the product if you store it in your bathroom. To save valuable room in your full-sized fridge, choose a temperature-controlled mini fridge to store your preferred cosmetic products. When applied, eye products like masks or creams feel cool and soothing, similar to a wonderful spa treatment in the convenience of your own home.

Bar Fridge: Construct the ideal family bar arrangement. If you enjoy partying or are just a beer enthusiast, consider adding a tiny fridge with chic glass shelves to keep your bar necessities. Put it at a location you frequently visit so you can refill your glass of wine or get a beer without interrupting your discussion.

Allergic foods: By keeping a mini-fridge for particular goods like milk or peanut butter, you can prevent unintentional cross-contamination with foods that family members are allergic to. Your loved ones won’t have to worry as much about the meals because of this total separation.

Pros – Cons of mini fridges

mini fridges


Compact design: Mini refrigerator has an extremely compact design, easy to transport, suitable for narrow spaces and personal use needs.

Low price: The cabinet is much cheaper than other types of refrigerators, so it is suitable for all budgets, especially students, workers, …

Low power consumption: Due to the small capacity of the cabinet, the power consumption will also be low. This saves you from worrying about your monthly electricity bill.


Few models and brands to choose from: Because mini refrigerators are not frequently utilized by manufacturers as a standard commercial product, it is challenging for you to select one that suits your preferences.

Difficult to preserve food a lot: It will occasionally be challenging and uncomfortable when you buy a lot of food because the cabinet just provides the bare minimum of storage space.

Less investment in refrigeration technology: With such a cheap price, the cabinet is not equipped with many modern technologies like other lines.

No antibacterial, deodorizing features: The majority of compact refrigerators just include an anti-odor compartment; they do not have deodorizing technology, therefore you must periodically clean them to keep the food fresh.

Bottom line

There are many different types of mini fridges on the market today. They are a good choice for offices, dorm rooms, bedrooms or for limited storage needs. The mini fridge not only stores food, it is even perfect for storing beauty products or medicine in the bathroom. This is a very useful device for many different uses.

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