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How to install a single French door refrigerator?

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You might need assistance getting started if you’re replacing an old refrigerator or installing a brand-new freestanding refrigerator, such as a Whirlpool model. You may properly install a refrigerator and connect it to a water line using the knowledge in this article. Visit the care website for the Whirlpool brand for more information on installation and delivery choices. Let’s follow us to find out how to install a single french door refrigerator in this post!

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How to install a single French door refrigerator?

With the aid of a friend, installing a refrigerator yourself can be completed in the afternoon. If you just bought a new refrigerator, refer to the user manual for detailed instructions; this guide is just meant to serve as a general overview. It could be preferable to employ a professional if you are unsure about your ability to install a refrigerator on your own. Remember that two individuals are needed to perform this installation.

Cut the power to your current refrigerator

Cut the power to your current refrigerator
Cut the power to your current refrigerator

Prepare the area for your new unit before installing the refrigerator. Remove the plug from the current appliance and cover the floor with cardboard.

  • To assist prevent scuffs or damage, place a piece of cardboard on the floor that is flat.
  • Turn off the water supply and ice machine.
  • Cut the water line off.
  • Use packaging tape to attach the power supply to the refrigerator’s rear after disconnecting it.

Clean out your current refrigerator

  • Remove the contents of the current refrigerator before transporting it after disconnecting it.
  • Clean out the freezer and refrigerator.
  • Take out every drawer and shelf.
  • If necessary, remove the refrigerator doors to make moving around easier and tape them shut.
  • Use a hand cart or dolly to carefully remove and discard the refrigerator with the aid of a second person.

Calculate the size of the cutout for your new refrigerator

Make sure your new refrigerator will fit into the necessary space by measuring its dimensions. Freestanding refrigerators often have dimensions between 24 and 40 inches wide, 62 to 72 inches tall, and 29 to 36 inches deep.

To help maintain optimum ventilation, leave one inch between the back of the refrigerator and the wall and one inch between each side of the refrigerator. The refrigerator’s doors should be able to open easily and lay flat and in the center of the floor.

Plan to transfer your new refrigerator

The new appliance’s shelves and drawers must all be removed, and any appropriate doors must either be removed or taped shut securely. Transporting freestanding refrigerators and other heavy equipment should be done with caution and assistance.

  • With the aid of two people, gently set the upright refrigerator on the hand cart or dolly and fasten it there. The refrigerator shouldn’t be placed on its side.
  • Make sure the entrance to the kitchen is unobstructed, and direct the refrigerator to the proper location.

Put your new refrigerator in place and wait

Position the refrigerator in the cutout once you’ve arrived at your destination, allowing enough room behind it so you can freely move around it.

Put your new refrigerator in place and wait
Put your new refrigerator in place and wait

Before connecting the refrigerator’s power source, let it sit upright for a few hours to give it time to settle if it was ever turned on its side.

Track down the water line tubing

Your new appliance can also be connected to the existing water valve if you’re replacing a device that was previously linked to your home’s water supply line. The installation manual for your refrigerator will list the components you require. You can use your Whirlpool® refrigerator’s model number to find the appropriate guide here if you have one.

  • Cut off the primary water source
  • Find the 1/4-inch copper or PEX water line tubing in the refrigerator’s back.
  • Make sure the tubing’s ends are long enough to attach to the water supply valve.
  • For information on required water pressure, consult your installation manual. Consult a specialist for advice if you need further clarification on how to connect your refrigerator to a water supply line.

Water supply valve to water line tubing must be connected

If necessary, use the compression fittings from your installation package to join the copper or PEX tubing to the water supply valve (shut-off valve) after you’ve located it at the rear of your refrigerator. Consult your installation manual for the required components and detailed instructions if an installation kit was not provided.

  • Install the compression sleeve, nut, and tubing.
  • With the use of an adjustable wrench, fasten the tubing to the shut-off valve. Avoid overtightening.

The water line tubing should be cleaned

Once the refrigerator has been drained, the other end of the tubing can be connected to the water supply line by first attaching one end to the shut-off valve. Before attaching the tube to your refrigerator, drain it. This helps to avoid problems.

  • Put the tubing’s open end in a sink or bucket.
  • To flush the tubing, turn on the main water supply line.
  • Turn off the main water supply after the tubing is clear and the water is running freely.

Water line tubing connected

Find the water line port in the refrigerator’s rear and attach the free end of the tubing to it.

  • Similar to Step 7, attach the compression sleeve and nut to the tube.
  • With the aid of an adjustable wrench, fasten the tubing to the refrigerator valve. Avoid over-tightening.

To enable the appliance to be relocated away from the wall if necessary, leave any extra tubing coiled in the back of the device.

  • Activate the primary water supply.
  • Water filters for refrigerators should generally be changed every six months. Learn how to change your refrigerator’s water filter to keep your home’s ice and drinking water fresh.

Restore the shelves and drawers

Restore the shelves and drawers
Restore the shelves and drawers

Before reinstalling the appliances in the cabinet, clean the shelves and doors. Before putting food in the fridge, adjust the freezer and refrigerator’s temperature settings and wait a few hours for the temperature to drop.


Can you set down a refrigerator?

When being moved or stored, your refrigerator should be left in an upright posture to protect its cooling system. If it needs to be moved on its side, do not leave it for longer than 8 hours, and do not plug it in until at least 24 hours after getting to the installation site.

What is the earliest I may put food in a new refrigerator?

Refrigerators that have just been installed can need some time to cool down before usage. Within 24 hours, if you have not noticed a decline in temperature, get in touch with the manufacturer for advice.

Can you help me with the refrigerator installation?

Manufacturers frequently provide installation services for an additional fee if you would like to have a professional assist you with the installation of your refrigerator. A home improvement store where you bought your unit might also offer services.

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