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How to secure French doors?

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French doors, which have two separate doors that connect in the middle, are among your home’s weakest security points. These doors can be made to easily swing open even after the deadbolt and door lever have been locked if they are not properly latched or the locks provided during installation have not been adjusted. Let’s follow us to find out how to secure French doors in this post!

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How to secure French doors?

Glass windows

The majority of French doors have several glass panes, which makes them extremely vulnerable. However, a thief won’t be able to get through a broken pane’s tiny opening since it is simply too small. They typically break a little piece of glass, reach inside, open the doors, and enter by themselves. As the presenter in the video above emphasizes, your interior security is crucial.

How to secure French doors?
How to secure French doors?

Additionally, he demonstrates how to strengthen the door’s fundamental flaw, the gap between the two doors. The fact that criminals may look through simple glass doors to determine if someone is home or not is another issue with them. To make it difficult to see through, the glass on most front doors is typically frosted, colored, uneven (distorted), or all three.

Hinges and Locks

Although it should be evident, many individuals nevertheless leave the flimsy, ineffective locks and hinges that come with these doors in place. Short hinge screws are a significant issue as well. They should be at least three inches long. Make sure the deadbolts have a minimum 1-inch throw. Also, keep in mind that mortise locks typically have much greater strength than typical bored-type locks.

A three-point locking mechanism will provide the best French door security. Consider permanently locking (securing) one of any doors that come in pairs. Alone, this will make it much harder for a burglar to force the doors open.

Safety bars

A cheap yet efficient security device to deter would-be intruders from kicking in your doors are security bars. Even security bars with alarms are available for purchase.

You shouldn’t purchase a Mul-t-Lock with a thumb turn on the inside of the home if you are spending money on a double French door (check out the costs on Amazon). Purchase a deadbolt with a double cylinder that accepts keys on both sides. This prevents the deadbolt from being opened with the thumb turn if the glass is broken out.

For increased protection, you should at the very least change the lock on your double door to a commercial-grade double cylinder deadbolt, even if you are not willing to spend the extra money on a Mul-t-lock, high security lock. The Schlage 562 series is one of our favorites.

If you purchase something from Amazon, simply bring it to your neighborhood locksmith so they can program it to work with your current house key before you install it. To key this lock to your existing house key, you will require door hardware made by Schlage, Emtek, or Dexter. Simply give your neighborhood locksmith a call if you’re unsure of your possibilities; they’ll be happy to assist you.

Door Components

How to secure French doors?
How to secure French doors?

Consider the materials before buying French doors if you haven’t already. Choose thick wooden doors whenever possible; the thicker, the better. Think of hurricane-rated glass as well. Your French door security will also increase with the addition of a steel frame.

Are two doors secure?

Two doors that meet in the middle are what make up French doors, also known as double doors. The passive door is one of the doors. The door that is rarely utilized is this one. The active door is the one that is open. The side that is typically opened and closed is this one.

However, French Doors are also more prone to burglary than regular doors due to special security issues. After addressing the specific double-door security flaws listed below, read over the article above to ensure that all of your doors are strengthened.

A French door’s particular security flaw is caused by the way the two doors meet in the middle. The passive side of the door is fastened into the top and bottom of the door frame because it is rarely used. Flush bolts that are put in the edge of the passive door are the most popular method for doing this (see photo).

The active door is then fastened in place by being deadbolted into the door’s protected passive side. The most popular technique for locking double doors is one that significantly depends on the passive side of the door being locked at all times.

How to secure French doors?
How to secure French doors?

Even though the active side’s deadbolt is locked into the passive side, if the passive side of the door is not fastened to the door frame, the two doors can be pulled open with little resistance if the passive side is not fastened. The image below serves as an example of this. It appears as though you are looking down on the door from above.

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