Ring Alarm Pro: The Best Smart Home Security System

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There are still a number of advantages to having a smart home security system, even though being home more often might appear to negate the necessity for one. The piece of mind that comes with being able to simply monitor activity in your house, from the opening of windows and doors to water freezing or leaking, goes beyond just qualifying you for a discount on insurance premiums.

You are no longer confined to professionally installed systems, unlike earlier times. Many video doorbell and DIY smart home security system alternatives are now available from companies like Ring and ADT, allowing you to customize your security configuration and cut costs without compromising monitoring quality. And in below, Fridgeblog will introduce to you about Ring Alarm Pro, the best smart home security system that every family should have.

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The Best Smart Home Security System Overall: Ring Alarm Pro

The Ring Alarm Pro is unbeatable at a starting price of $300, with the option of adding 24/7 monitoring (which can inform authorities when needed), combining an easy, customizable installation with a broad feature set.

Design and Features

The Ring Alarm Pro is a modern gadget that fits in well with any home decor. All of your Ring security equipment is connected to it through a hub, including door and window sensors, motion detectors, and video doorbells, among others. With its integrated Z-Wave hub, you can use the Ring app to manage other compatible smart home appliances like lights and thermostats.

The capacity of the Ring Alarm Pro to identify environmental risks and natural calamities is one of its most outstanding capabilities. Through the Ring app, you will receive notification if it picks up the sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. Additionally, it can alert you if your house freezes or experiences flooding.

The Best Smart Home Security System Overall: Ring Alarm Pro

Installation and Setup

Of all the alarm systems we examined, installation of the Ring Alarm Pro took the least amount of time, at under an hour. You can begin installing sensors after connecting the Base Station, the system’s brain, and after following a few instructions from the app.

You can follow the instructions in the app to add devices and configure sensors. You may set up geofencing to automatically activate and disarm your system when you leave or return home, and you can personalize your settings to receive alerts for particular devices or events.

Smart Home Security System Monitoring and Alerts

The smart home security system Ring Alarm Pro offers 24/7 professional monitoring through Ring Protect Plus. This service provides you with a team of trained professionals who can quickly respond to any alarms or alerts triggered by your devices. You can also set up emergency contacts who will be notified in the event of an emergency.

Smart Home Security System Monitoring and Alerts

The average call response time in our tests was between 26 and 30 seconds after the Alarm was triggered without the use of the disarm code, demonstrating how well Ring monitors its customers’ homes. In order to see how quickly Ring would call us, we let the alarm go off without entering the code. We never allowed it to get to the point where the police were called, and we do not advise trying this test. Ring’s reaction time was consistent with our test group’s highest level of monitoring experiences.

Smart Home Integration

If you use an Eero system, the Pro goes above and beyond the basic Ring Alarm by acting as both your router and primary mesh point. It has all the necessary internet equipment to deliver fast speeds.

In the event that your wired connection or electricity fail, it can also maintain internet access. You will receive 3GB of data as part of the $20 a month Pro Protect Plan, enough to keep all of your connected devices online. Ring furthermore offers extra GBs for $3 apiece. And in order to avoid running up a large bill, we kindly ask that you limit which devices can access this cellular connection via the Eero app, which is where you’ll manage the router component of the smart home security system Ring Alarm Pro.

Smart Home Integration

You can stop uploading recordings to your cloud storage if you also utilize Ring cameras or doorbells and instead keep them locally on an SD card. Ring goes a step further by processing the videos locally, which is a wonderful privacy-focused feature and didn’t cause the notifications to load more slowly in our testing.

We valued the sensors’ adaptability, including the option to decide whether they should be taken into account during alarm mode or ignored. For instance, when a window air conditioner was installed, we had the option of disabling that sensor for that window. While many systems allow for this amount of customization, Ring Alarm’s options are simpler to use because they are not just shown prominently when you open a sensor in the app but also because there are setup guidelines available. We received prompt updates from Ring’s touch sensors whenever a door was opened, closed, or left open.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Integrates with other smart home devices
  • Detects environmental hazards such as smoke and flooding
  • Offers 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Sends real-time alerts to your phone
  • Affordable pricing


  • Additional sensors and devices are required for full coverage
  • Limited to Ring devices for integration


For homeowners seeking a complete smart home security system, the Ring Alarm Pro is a great option. It is a fantastic alternative for people who desire peace of mind knowing that their house is protected because of its simplicity of installation, round-the-clock professional monitoring, and real-time warnings.

In comparison to other security systems on the market, the device stands out due to its interaction with other smart home devices and its capacity to identify environmental hazards. The Ring Alarm Pro and its add-ons are a fantastic value even when more sensors and gadgets are needed for complete coverage due to their reasonable price.

For anyone wishing to improve their home security, the Ring Alarm Pro is a top-performing smart home security system that we heartily recommend.

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