Secure Your Smart Home Door Locks

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Entering or leaving your house is a routine, occasionally boring daily process that Smart home door locks transform into something much more convenient, much more secure, and even a little bit more enjoyable.

The majority of Smart home door locks are either deadbolt adapters or deadbolt replacements, which switch out the thumb turn with a motorized one.

We prefer deadbolt replacements over traditional deadbolts, and in this category we suggest the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi, a compact, beautiful, and simple to use Smart home door locks that can be opened in a variety of ways, including by fingerprint or keypad.

The Wyze Lock features solid, dependable hardware and software, is as smart as or smarter than many rival locks yet costs around half as much if you can’t or don’t want to replace your entire lock.

The Ultraloq Latch 3 Fingerprint smart lever lock is dependable and has many of the same features as our top selection for doors with a single hole and no deadbolt. will provide some of information for you in this post.

Our pick (Smart home door locks)

Smart home door locks
Smart home door locks

An adaptable Smart home door locks with precise hardware and an attractive low-profile design is the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi. Unlike our prior choice, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro, which needed a plug-in Bluetooth bridge, this device already has Wi-Fi built in. There are six ways to open the U-Bolt Pro WiFi, including a physical keyway, an app, a numerical code, and—the pièce de résistance—a fingerprint.

When compared to pecking digits on the glass touchscreen of many keypad devices, we considered the feel and functionality of the lock’s number keys to be superior. Despite this, we still prefer using the fingerprint ID to unlock the device (even though this function can occasionally be clumsy). Regardless of how you activate the U-Bolt Pro WiFi, it reacts swiftly.

Additionally, it has a rather quiet mechanism, and from an aesthetic standpoint, we appreciate how little and unassuming it is. Despite a few setup hitches and more recent battery depletion problems that the manufacturer has acknowledged (see Flaws but not dealbreakers), none of these problems stop us from recommending it.

The original Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is a fantastic replacement that is also less expensive if you can’t find this model and don’t mind using Ultraloq’s plug-in Bridge to link your Smart home door locks to your Wi-Fi network (see Other good smart locks).

Runner-up (Smart home door locks)

Smart home door locks
Smart home door locks

The Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt is an improved version of our previous also-great selection, the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, if you’re looking for a Smart home door locks that supports Apple HomeKit. This updated edition offers you the ability to unlock it simply holding your iPhone or Apple Watch close, thanks to Apple’s Home Key function, in addition to minor cosmetic upgrades. The Encode Plus is among the simplest smart locks to install and operate out of all the locks we’ve examined.

This lock is a fantastic option for rental properties since it’s less fussy to operate and because we generally like the tactile feel of keypads like the Encode Plus’s keypad to that of a glass touchscreen—especially because it’s an extra-tough commercial-grade lock with a built-in alarm. The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, which was previously our top pick but doesn’t support Apple Home Key, is still a solid alternative if this model is on backorder.

Budget pick (Smart home door locks)

Smart home door locks
Smart home door locks

The Wyze Lock is a low-cost, fully functional variant that attaches simply to an existing deadbolt if you are a tenant and are not permitted to change your locks or if you simply don’t want to for whatever reason. The hardware is simple to install and, during our testing, performed flawlessly and quietly. A tiny plug-in Wi-Fi adaptor shaped like a puck is included in the packaging to support remote access and Smart home door locks alerts.

The Wyze Lock has some interesting features, like an integrated door sensor that notifies you when someone has left the door open or ajar via a chime and a Smart home door locks notification. Additionally, Wyze offers the Wyze Lock Keypad, a little brick with numeric buttons that wirelessly connects to the Wyze Lock and allows you to open the lock without the use of an app or GPS. We advise it as an upgrade because the Smart home door locks has performed wonderfully in our tests.

Without the keypad, you must either enable geofencing, a feature that uses your phone’s location to determine where you are and then automatically lock or unlock the door, or use an app to unlock the Wyze Lock, which isn’t all that convenient for regular use. We are concerned about the inherent security risk of unintentional triggering even though geofencing may be effective for some owners. Additionally, some Wyze Lock users complain that the auto-unlocking feature occasionally fails, requiring them to rely on the app.

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