The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Hubs

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As you add more smart home devices to your home, you will need one of the best smart home hubs. From a smart home hub, you can manage all of your different appliances, including lights, locks, garage door openers, thermostats, cameras, and more.

More crucially, a smart home hub enables you to link every single smart home appliance. For instance, a smart home hub can instruct your lights to switch off and your thermostat to enter eco mode when your smart lock is locked. It’s a vital tool for building a smart, automated home.

A competent smart home hub can perform many additional things, although some are more effective than others. tested the available smart home hubs in order to let you know which is the best.

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1. Amazon Echo (4th gen)

Smart home hub
Smart home hub

The Amazon Echo (4th generation) is the finest smart home hub for most people because it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee. Many low-power smart home devices can connect to it thanks to its many radios, and Alexa’s routines are quite advanced, allowing you to employ a variety of triggers to automatically activate other smart home devices.

It also works with Alexa Guard, which can turn on your lights, notify you in an emergency, and listen for smoke and glass breaking alerts. It also has a ton of smart home connections, so check at our list of the best Alexa-compatible devices as you develop your smart home.

The Amazon Sidewalk low-power, long-range networking protocol, which will function with devices like Tile trackers and smart lights over considerably wider distances, is also supported by the 4th generation Echo.

2. Aeotec Smart Home Hub

The Samsung SmartThings hub is one of our top picks for the finest smart home hubs for many years since it supports both Zigbee and Z-Wave and allows you to connect to hundreds of devices—more than most other hubs. Furthermore, the SmartThings app is incredibly flexible and lets you set up a wide range of alternative situations for each home appliance. SmartThings is now compatible with Matter and Nest products, making it the top hub for smart homes.

However, as Samsung no longer produces the SmartThings Hub, you must utilize the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, which performs all of the same features, in order to use the SmartThings platform. In our tests, it performed equally well despite being virtually the same hardware and sporting a different logo on the front.

3. Apple HomePod mini

Smart home hub
Smart home hub

In fact, we believe Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform to be superior than Google’s. HomeKit gives more freedom for developing routines for the smart home, but only supporting a smaller number of devices (see our list of the top HomeKit gadgets). We also don’t need to worry as much about what Apple does with our data. As of iOS 16.1, it has been enhanced to add Matter support.

In addition to being a reasonably priced smart speaker, the HomePod small also serves as a HomeKit hub, enabling you to directly link locks, lights, and other low-power devices to it. Even though there aren’t many smart home devices with Thread, we anticipate its use to grow as a result of backing from both Apple and Google. Thread is also included into the HomePod mini.

The HomePod Mini also includes temperature and humidity sensors, which Apple turned on in January 2023 and that can be used to build HomeKit automations.

4. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Smart home hub
Smart home hub

The Echo Dot with Clock is an affordable smart home hub for people just starting out because it costs $59, which is less than most of the other best smart home hubs. Although it lacks Zigbee or Z-Wave, this shouldn’t be an issue if your smart home gadgets have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Additionally, if you have an eero mesh Wi-Fi router, it also functions with Matter and as an extender.

Additionally, you can program some surprisingly potent routines using the Alexa app. Our favorite is Alexa Guard, which can turn on smart home appliances when it detects glass shattering or fire alarms.

The older (and flatter) 3rd version Echo Dot is now available for $49. If you want to save some money, the 5th generation Echo Dot is $49 without the clock.

5. Apple HomePod (2nd generation)

The Apple HomePod (2nd generation) retains much of its initial design, but has undergone certain internal improvements to make it more adaptable for the smart home. It supports the Matter smart home standard, making it simpler to connect to and manage a wider variety of smart home appliances. Additionally, the HomePod 2 contains humidity and temperature sensors that may be utilized to build automations in HomeKit.

The HomePod will receive an update this spring that will allow it to listen for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and notify you if it detects an alarm. One of the greatest smart speakers, the HomePod 2 has sound quality that is on par with the original, but people who aren’t familiar with Apple’s ecosystem may be put off by its premium price of $299.

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