Smart Home Lighting Solution: 5 Ideas for a Smarter, More Efficient Home

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More convenience, comfort, and efficiency than ever before are available to us thanks to smart home lighting solution, which is quickly altering the way we live. Lighting control systems for smart homes are one sector that has made great strides recently. This post will look at some of the most well-liked smart home lighting solutions and how they may make your life better. Also covered will be the advantages of smart lighting for your house. In order to learn more about the fascinating world of smart house lighting, continue reading if you’re interested in designing a more cozy and energy-efficient home by Fridgeblog.

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What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is a smart and flexible lighting control solution that brings convenience and comfort to users. Smart lighting can be controlled by App via smartphone, by voice, … and monitor the operating status of electrical appliances in your home anytime, anywhere.

Smart Home Lighting Solution

Imagine your house is designed and installed smart lighting system of IDeaTech will certainly be very interesting. In addition to being interesting, the smart lighting system will bring you a lot of convenience. You can control them anywhere as long as you only have a smartphone with a control app installed in your hand, and the phone is connected to the internet, 3G/4G or 5G carriers.

Any lights anywhere in your home are in the smart lighting system such as: living room lights, bedroom lights, hallway lights, tolet lights, stair lights, garden or balcony lights,… All are turned on and off. with your phone, time the light to work, or wherever you go the light comes on.

The Advantages of Smart Home Lighting Solution

Energy savings are the first significant gain. This will ease the strain on your finances each month and be more sustainable. Savings begin to mount when you can make sure that each room in your house is lit only when it is necessary.

The peace of mind it provides is a second significant benefit. While you’re away from home, you may still check on your security or just turn on the lights to give the impression that someone is home. Additionally, there is no concern if you forget to turn something off. That can be done remotely.

Accessibility is a key feature for people with impairments, mobility challenges, or elderly persons, making it the third important advantage of smart home lighting. Smart home lighting solution offers more independence and convenience for people who might have trouble moving around their houses since it allows users to control the lighting environment using a handheld touch screen.

Despite the fact that smart lighting also has additional benefits like greater convenience and beauty, the main selling points for these cutting-edge gadgets are accessibility, energy efficiency, and convenience.

Comfortable, More Convenient Life With Smart Home Lighting Solutions

Turn Light On And Off With Flexible Touch Switch

In the past, if you wanted to turn on and off the electricity, you would have to go to the place where the mechanical switch was attached to press the switch up or down, if your hands are wet it is very dangerous because when turning on and off the power with a traditional switch, it is easy to get an electric shock…

Turn Light On And Off With Flexible Touch Switch

But now it’s “in the past”, with IDeaTech’s capacitive touch switch solution, you only need to lightly touch the touch switch, no matter how wet or wet your hands are. Just touch, your lights will turn off or on quickly, very safe.

Control the lighting system by voice

The ideatech smart touch switch is already a cutting-edge technology, but it doesn’t stop there. You can control the lights in your house according to the context you set through your voice in an extremely easy way. With this control method, you must sit indoors and within range of your voice receiver device located. When going out, ideatech company installs this feature through the virtual assistant of smart home so that you can control the context via ios siri or google assistant.

Control the lighting system by voice

Remote control of smart lighting systems

Are you in a situation when you go to work, go to work in a hurry, so you forget to turn off the lights in the house? That’s the problem before, it’s the problem when you don’t know about IDeaTech’s smart home lighting solution . When using solutions, installing smart electrical systems , smart lighting, you only need a smartphone with a management and control application installed.

Your smartphone is connected to the internet, through 3G/4G or 5G, you can obviously solve this problem extremely easily with just one touch on the app.

Motion Sensor Turns On/Off Power In Stairs, Corridors Or Garden

Smart electrical devices, specifically smart sensor switches, will replace the previous traditional switches. The switch will sense movement in the area, the detection range, then your hallway, stairs or garden lights will be automatically turned on when there is movement, off when there is no movement.

Motion Sensor Turns On/Off Power In Stairs, Corridors Or Garden

With this solution, you will be extremely energy-saving, extremely comfortable when you just need to go where the electricity is turned on. IDeaTech’s smart lighting solution wants to bring the most sophisticated experience and comfort to each home.

Set Lighting Timer Smartly and Proactively

With the timer feature, the lights of your home will be automatically turned on or off according to a predefined time. You can apply to the lamp positions with the on and off cycle according to your wishes.

For example, in the garden, you want to automatically turn on the lights at 7pm and turn off automatically at 10pm, the schedule is repeated every day; Your bedroom light wants it to turn itself on at 10:30 p.m. and off at 4 a.m.; The lights on the gate you want to turn on at 6pm and turn off by themselves at 5:30am the next morning,….

Set Lighting Timer Smartly and Proactively

In addition, there are many other smart home lighting solution for you to choose, design and install a smart lighting system for your home such as: When you open the door, the light will automatically turn on – wherever you go, the light will automatically light up. – At dawn, the curtain opens automatically – when it rains, the electronic clothes drying rack automatically retracts into the roof, the skylight automatically slides the cover – when it is hot, the air conditioner turns on – when it is dark, the light will automatically turn on… Turn according to your ideas that give your home dear, understand you and listen to your requests for execution.

Final Thought

It’s crucial to take your unique requirements and tastes into account when selecting a smart home lighting solution. Consider the rooms in your house that could use smart lighting as well as the lighting controls you wish to use. You might also wish to take other options’ costs and energy efficiency into account.

In general, smart home lighting solutions are a terrific way to upgrade your house to one that is more intelligent, practical, and fun. With so many alternatives available, you’re likely to discover one that satisfies your requirements and aids in developing the ideal atmosphere in your house.

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