What to do with old refrigerator? 5 Best Ways

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Looking for a way to dispose of your outdated refrigerator? Most of us will only benefit from it in the landfill. Maybe we are unaware of the fridge’s potential for reuse or repurposing. You’ll be astonished to learn just how much you can do with an old refrigerator. Continue reading for what to do with old refrigerator to transform an outdated refrigerator into a useful home accessory in this post.

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Can a Refrigerator Be Recycled?

Yes, you can! A refrigerator for appliance disposal is required by law in certain localities. Many refrigerators and freezers include oils and compound refrigerants, which must be carefully removed and disposed of in order to prevent environmental damage. The refrigerator can then be broken down into its component parts for recycling programs once this procedure is complete.

What to do with old refrigerator?

Make a Couch Out of an Old Refrigerator

What to do with old refrigerator?
What to do with old refrigerator?

Adrian Johnson, a Canadian designer, uses recycled refrigerators to create high-end furniture. One of his most cherished designs is the fridge couch. Three of these couches were made by him out of old freezers and salvaged automobile seats. Each of them is individually made thanks to the fact that they are all handcrafted. Each one has a side table constructed from a refrigerator door that also functions as a speaker.

Add Color to Your Wall with a Fridge Rack or Grill

You’ll be happy to know that practically all components of an old refrigerator may be reused, yes even the rack/grill, if you care about the environment and enjoy reusing things. Whatever you want to name it, the grill-like tray from your old refrigerator can be utilized as wall decor (just remember to clean it first and paint it before hanging it). It can serve as the foundation for a painting or a photo frame.

Using the refrigerator as a bookcase

Making a bookcase out of an old, disused refrigerator is not a big deal. You can do it, anyone can! Repurposing an old refrigerator to serve as storage is a smart move that will help you clear your home of clutter. Such a modified refrigerator bookcase is best used in a study or some other area. The secret to interesting manufacture is to try to preserve the refrigerator’s original appearance. If you want to increase the attraction, add stickers and little toys.

Make it a smoker grill

what to do with old refrigerator? Make it a smoker grill
what to do with old refrigerator? Make it a smoker grill

Your old Admiral refrigerator can be converted into a grill and smoker that can cook 16 chickens at once. All you need to do is take off the insulated wire and all the plastic components from the cabinet. Use a double door insulation layer to improve smoking and shield the door from extremely hot temperatures.

Old refrigerators and pallets were used to make this rustic cooler

Want to get your lawn ready for the upcoming summer party? You may use an old refrigerator as a valuable resource. By adding handles, metal sheets for water-proofing, and pallets to all of the fridge’s sides, it may be transformed into a rustic cooler. It is not a simple DIY project and will demand woodworking expertise, but if you succeed in building it, it will undoubtedly spark talk.


Do old refrigerators have any value?

You can sell your old appliance for cash, especially if it’s still functional and in good shape. Selling your refrigerator counts as “re-use” and “re-purposing,” even though recycling isn’t the same thing.

Can I Bring My Old Fridge To The Neighborhood Tip?

Old refrigerators can be donated to some local charity as long as they’re still functional and in decent shape. Check with nearby charities to determine if they will accept your used refrigerator before donating it. The refrigerator will typically need to be transported on your own to a donation drop-off location.

How Can I Get Rid of A Refrigerator Close By?

You may quickly get rid of your old fridge by using a reputable rubbish removal agency. You won’t have to deal with the inconvenience and irritation since they will pick it up, transport it away, and dispose of it for you.

How Much Power Is Used By An Old Fridge?

A brand-new ENERGY STAR refrigerator uses only 450 kWh annually compared to a refrigerator that is 20 years old and uses up to 1,700 kWh annually. At a 12 cents per kWh power cost, that translates to an annual savings of $150 and a potential payback period of 7-9 years.

Are old refrigerators hazardous?

Older refrigerators’ mechanical parts could be hiding other harmful substances. Older appliances’ switches and relays likely contain a small amount of mercury, which can be collected for reuse by skilled appliance recyclers.

what to do with old refrigerator?
what to do with old refrigerator?

Where Am I Going To Get Rid Of This Old Fridge?

Appliance recycling programs and heavy trash pickup may be available from your local waste management division. For additional information on how to recycle your old refrigerator or freezer, get in touch with them directly.


Old appliances can be reused in a variety of inventive ways, preventing waste. Consider some of the choices listed below if you don’t know what to do with an old refrigerator. You can breathe new life into your old refrigerator with a little imagination.

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