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Samsung refrigerators are renowned for their clever technology, although they occasionally make clumsy errors when in use. You might want to reset the refrigerator at this time. How to reset Samsung French Door refrigerator will help you solve many problems that arise that you often think about when the refrigerator fails. Check out the Fridge blog post to do this properly.

Even among products made by the same manufacturer, Samsung refrigerators vary. The procedures for resetting the two refrigerators made by Samsung will vary. To learn more about How to reset Samsung French Door refrigerator, you may also consult the owner’s manual for your refrigerator.

Notes when resetting Samsung French door refrigerator

Nevertheless, unless specifically advised in the instructions to repair, relocate, or clean the refrigerator, you shouldn’t reset your Samsung refrigerator for any reason. If your Samsung refrigerator displays an error code, it means that there is a problem with it and it has to be fixed. The codes could show up on the screen as numbers or as distinct, lighted areas.

Just in case your refrigerator has a problem, you should investigate the issue that the code suggests. Although not all codes denote a problem with your refrigerator, keep that in mind. Error codes can be removed with the Samsung refrigerator reset method, but if the problem is not fully fixed, they might reappear. The issue just gets worse after some time rather than getting better. It’s also possible that the Samsung refrigerator is operating normally even though a code appears.

It will be challenging for a repair specialist to get the diagnostic data or error code history contained in the Samsung refrigerator if you reset it and it stops working as you have removed it. They find it challenging to identify existing issues and address them because of this. Before performing the reset, you can also take a picture of the problem number, although doing so won’t guarantee that the repair specialist will be able to resolve the issue entirely.

When can Samsung French Door refrigerator be reset?

For cleaning or moving purposes, unplug the Samsung refrigerator. Don’t worry too much; the Samsung refrigerator at that time was in perfect working order. The past can be recreated to the previous state before you encountered any issues, thus it is not necessary to reset the history. On the other hand, some error codes, such as ’88 88′, could appear specifically following a power interruption and indicate that the refrigerator did not start up properly. That might be all that is necessary in that situation to make it functional once more.

error code '88 88'

In many circumstances, you should forgo a reset in favor of a replacement service request. Models for the Family Hub can keep using the dashboard and reduce errors. You cannot perform proper troubleshooting and service using any approach you discover to get rid of the code. The troubleshooting guide’s bottom contains a link to a service request.

How to reset Samsung French Door refrigerator

The following are the 2 methods for resetting a Samsung French Door:

  • Method 1: To get the refrigerator to operate again, press and hold the ‘power freeze’ and ‘power cool’ combinations on the control panel for around 5 seconds. On the interior or the rear of the freezer of some refrigerators, there may be a reset button. It is easiest and quickest to reset a Samsung refrigerator in this manner.
  • Method 2: When using this technique, you should exercise caution because it occasionally causes the refrigerator’s settings to be lost. To turn off the power to the refrigerator, first unplug the power cord (or you can turn off the breaker). Turn off the Samsung refrigerator after waiting for around five minutes while it drains the water.

If necessary, you can also factory reset the Family Hub refrigerator or reset the Family Hub display. Depending on your model and what you wish to reset, follow the instructions below:

  • Reset the Family Hub display: The red switch inside the top right door of your Family Hub refrigerator can be used to reset the display if necessary.
  • Factory reset for Family Hub: Go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘About Family Hub’, then choose ‘Factory data reset’, and finally choose ‘RESET’. When prompted, choose ‘RESET’ once again before choosing ‘Delete all data’.

Factory data reset

Network reset

Only models with Wi-Fi capabilities can reset their networks. If you want to remove all Wi-Fi and network data from your refrigerator, you can perform a network reset. Simply touch the ‘LOCK’ and hold it there for 12 seconds or so, and ‘A’ and ‘r’ should display. On the Family Hub model, the network can also be reset. Select ‘Wi-Fi’ from ‘Settings’, then choose the required Wi-Fi address. Choose ‘Forget’ or ‘Disconnect’.

Network reset

Bottom Line

Once your refrigerator is operating normally again, keep an eye on it during the following several days. Verify that the refrigerator is in good functioning order and that there are no unusual temperature swings or error messages. You can proceed if everything appears to be functioning normally.

Apply the information above for How to Reset a Samsung French Door Refrigerator. However, there are times when you should not reset the refrigerator and instead need to call a reputable refrigerator repair agency to address the technical issue in the best possible manner. You may learn how to reset and what you need to know about this by using the information we have supplied. Lucky you!

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